Turner Bikes

Building American made suspension mountain bikes since 1994, Turner Suspension Bikes has been at the forefront of suspension mountain bike technologies for one very important reason. . . because we ride what we build. Perhaps it is not an altruistic endeavor, but we are also not going to feed you with a loaded mission statement because we simply want to ride fast, ride far and have a blast doing it.

We design and build suspension mountain bikes that are meant to be ridden hard, purely because we prefer riding our bikes over fixing them. The way we see it - a suspension mountain bike should be able to ride through the mud without destroying the pivot bearings, it should be able to effortlessly ride on the side of a rut and then not chatter over a series of roots down the trail, it should inspire confidence with speed and encourage you to pedal up that next climb without a second thought, and it should have a company behind it that is willing to back up every claim with excellent customer service when you need it most. Performing and enduring is what every Turner suspension mountain bike was born to do.

From day one, when David Turner found the ride quality of the suspension mountain bikes this industry had to offer lacking it became his mission to push the abilities of the bike. Since then this vision has become a vital driving force behind how and why our bikes have evolved. David's dream had always been in creating the perfect ride without a compromise. Something he could be happy with every day of the year, rain or shine, Moab Utah or Wales UK, on a rut ridden descent or up a rocky climb. A balance of everything that is a suspension mountain bike that can only be proven by the ride. This is the dream and this is the bike.

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Rocky Mountain Bikes

FOR 33 YEARS, ROCKY MOUNTAIN BICYCLES HAS BEEN DESIGNING, DEVELOPING, AND PERFECTING MOUNTAIN BIKES IN AND AROUND THE NORTH SHORE OF VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA. This diverse playground has offered us the ideal proving grounds for all types of riding. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate race machine, an all-mountain bike, or a trusty all-rounder for weekend thrills, we build exceptional bicycles to fit your riding style.

THE FOUNDATION OF ANY BICYCLE IS ITS FRAME. At Rocky Mountain we obsess over perfecting frame geometry and optimizing suspension to achieve the legendary ride quality we are famous for.

AS RIDERS OURSELVES, WE STRIVE TO BUILD THE BEST BIKES IN THE WORLD. From epic adventures to World Cup racing, our bikes are designed for people who Love the Ride.

Norco Bikes

We've been a part of the bike industry for 50 incredible years. We are driven by a genuine passion for cycling in all its forms, and that passion is the foundation for everything we do.

Bert Lewis founded Norco Bicycles in 1964 with a simple vision: build better bikes. From our humble beginnings operating out of a converted chicken coop in small-town B.C., we’ve grown into a global brand delivering more than 125 different models to cyclists worldwide. We are proud of the role we’ve played in helping to shape the industry and the sport over the past five decades.

We were one of the first North American bike companies to deliver ten-speeds. We helped lay the foundations for BMX, sponsoring our first factory team in 1981. We began mounting suspension forks to mountain bike frames before most people had even heard of the sport. And we worked with riders on Vancouver’s North Shore to help redefine it.

Though we reflect upon our storied past, our eyes remain fixed on the future — as the bikes in the pages that follow will attest. We live and breathe our promise to listen, innovate and ride, and we are eager to continue delivering to you the very best ride experiences possible. Thanks for joining our ride, and for inviting us to come along on yours.

To celebrate we have created an interactive timeline that illustrates the history of Norco Bikes.

Marin Bikes

Halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge, hundreds of feet above San Francisco Bay, is the southern boundary of a very different place. As you cross that line, you enter a different world, full of open space, quiet roads, and trails with amazing vistas—and far from the rush of city life. As the terrain changes, so too do the people. Life becomes less frenetic, more laid back, and more engaged with time and place. This is Marin County, the birthplace and home of Marin Bikes California.

Marin County is also home to many iconic American cycling playgrounds, like Mount Tamalpais and the Repack Trail, and with so many avid, all-year riders, it remains a hotbed of cycling culture and innovation. Marin Bikes was born out of this culture in 1986, founded by passionate riders. We’ve been around, and our roots are as deep as any. We strive every day to learn, improve, and evolve while staying true to the place that made us who we are: a company of devoted professionals who live what we preach and ride what we build.

We learn our lessons not in stuffy boardrooms but in the fresh air of the trails and roads that spread out in all directions from our home, from the pro athletes, everyday riders, and cycling evangelists who share our love of the wheel. We take that knowledge and infuse every design with it, employing the most advanced tools and techniques to build the best bikes out there. We test extensively, design carefully, and validate responsibly, but the final validation of any bike is riding, climbing, descending, and repeating—until we achieve perfection.

Ask anyone who’s put in the miles: riding in Marin County is like exploring heaven on earth. We believe there is no better place to ride, and we build that sense of freedom and performance into every bike that bears our name. Understanding what we do here is simple. Just ride one of our bikes and you’ll get it. Every hour we put into sweating the smallest details, tweaking geometries, and twisting wrenches is for you, for every moment you’re on the bike, when you forget the rest, focus on the ride, and enter another world.

Ellsworth Bikes

Intense Bikes